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Why I Love This Place
Every Friday at Kairos is known as "Friday Forties", or alternately, "Fuck You Fridays," the tradition being to drink forties on the balcony or lawn and shout down belligerently at passers-by. We had a megaphone for extra belligerence. It isn't total assholery- we do invite anyone traveling at a reasonable pace to share a beer with us. But the heckling is nothing special - what made it awesome was when we shouted at an elderly gentleman to join us, and he did indeed - we rushed to get him some beer from the BSJ, and he introduced himself as Bob Laughlin, the winner of the Physics Nobel Prize in 1998. He then proceeded over the course of the next hour to regale us with tales of teaching and living in Korea for two years, as he sat on our front stoop with an audience at rapt attention.

This being the first Friday Forties of the year, it'll be a hard act to follow. We hope to bag ourselves a Laureate every week. Keep 'em rolling on down Mayfield.

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that is amazing
please extrapolate it into a short story

you could call it "bobing for fourtys"

haha yeah
it was a pretty crazy afternoon in general, but that was a seriously huge capstone. very very cool. hopefully he will come visit again, he said he rides his bike through there frequently.

That is so freaking awesome!! You should invite him to the next wine and cheese too =)

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