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Gravity Sucks!
I broke my leg Monday night, trippin' over my backpack while all ready to go to sleep. There's not too big a crack, but the metal rod inside has slipped and moved around, so it's hurting/spasming about as much as a major fracture. I probably won't be back at school for some weeks. I would, of course, love some chillin' company here at home while I'm bedridden.

Haven't updated in a while, I know - but up until now, this has been, bar-none, the best year of my life. So much so that I'm still in pretty good spirits now. I'm surrounded by wonderful, wonderful people, and have fantastic homes in Kairos and with my folks. Thanks everyone!

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I'm sorry to hear that you broke your leg.

Do consider signing up for "Cowl," if you're interested. I know that it was fun to run Endymion with you, and Cowl is not entirely dissimilar. (See the SGS mailing list, forums, or my LiveJournal for more details.) We could definitely hold the session at your home, if you are too injured to leave.


Thanks so much for the support, Jeff. Cowl seems cool but I'm not sure if I have the energy for a prolonged game session, and what energy I do have is being directed toward trying to keep up w/ classes, creative writing, and GRE practice. If some of you guys would like to come by for a visit sometime though, I'd love that.

Give a call some time when you're bored and I'll see if I can't rally some troops (Megan, Min Li, etc) to come visit.

Glad to hear you're in high spirits =) Hooray for a kick-ass year.

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