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So, if you're trying to make money in a casino in say, South Tahoe, roulette isn't the smartest choice to put your money on. Suicidal, even. But spinning wheels are hypnotic.

In retrospect I'm amazed how much I threw in the first night. $40 lasted a long time but in the end both twenties were as good as gone. The second night, I put down my last twenty, and somewhere along the way fatalism and cynicism were replaced by an intuitive sense of where the ball was going to be. I shot up to $80 in an hour, and should've cashed out then, but didn't pull out until I was back down to $56. So a $4 loss over two evenings; not too bad.

As a whole we probably would've done pretty poorly, but mom stayed with the nickel slots (for which dad endlessly teases her) and made back all the money both of them had lost in one quick swing. $105 is a shitload of nickels.

I really need to upload pictures of Candy. We brought the dog on the trip, to the hotel - which of course doesn't allow dogs. How'd we get around it? Dad shoved her in a duffel bag 2 times a day, with her head sticking out, covered by a towel. He was careful about it, and she's such a docile little thing, so it became incredibly funny; she had this doleful little look with her head poking out of the duffel bag. At night I slept on a mattress on the floor, and we got her to sleep inside cubbyhole in the nightstand, but she still woke up before me, so the last 3 mornings I've been attacked in the face by a flurry of fluffy paws at 6 AM. There is honestly no better way to wake up.


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