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Going up to Tahoe tomorrow for most of the week. First time since the legendary summer 2002 road trip, which was, really, my first taste of college life, along with all those random parties at Chuck's with the Carden crew, with people throwing lava lamps at other people's heads and overturning the Nautilus. It was a weird transitional time since everyone else had been at college a year, but I'd deferred, and so was still very much in naive high school mode. Tahoe this time will be full of gambling (until I lose) and other chill stuff, and is just with the family anyway.

Last night was a bit like Fracture: Redux, with a distinct sense of deja vu. Melissa and I went out to pearl tea (which, incidentally, I never get with pearls) and talked for hours on end, which is pretty much what happened a month ago. We talked about places around the Bay we never understood the names of when we were kids, like The Tinker's Damn, which is a XXX shop that sounds far too much like Santa's workshop. Elf porn, maybe.

I've been able to start swimming again without using the bad leg, which is a relief. I've been wearing this herbal patch that is supposed to heal bone faster (remember, New Age-y mom?) but what it does most noticeably is just gives me a stomachache. But I'm doing things at 5 weeks that I shouldn't be able to do until 8 weeks, so that's hopeful.

The fact that school starts soon seems unreal. I'm definitely ready to get back to campus, have some independence, and finally not be in the dorms (yay Kairos). But doing classes? Actually they should all be fun (Sapolsky seminar, Intermediate Hindi, some friends' SICs) except Chem lab, otherwise known as "Nik's Bane". Last time I burned through a flannel shirt (which is now more grunge than ever) and my t-shirt and pants with sulfuric acid, and didn't even notice. I think I had a slightly red mark on my chest the next morning, which I noticed with idle curiosity until I pulled the clothes out of the dryer, and they were chewed clean through. The green shirt had a kind of burgundy thing going around the burn.

I'm gonna go jump in the pool. See you all soon!

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-i'm looking forward to school too, and it'll be MY first year in a co-op instead of in a dorm. finally. and i'm planning to audit beginning hindi.
-what did you do when you deferred admission for a year?

Re: swimming is awesome.

Beginning Hindi will be fun. It's a really chill class. A lot of people do have experience with related languages, so some pick it up really fast, but there are enough people who haven't been exposed to it that the class moves at a nice pace. I used to go to Bhalvihar so reading and writing came back easily, but speaking and understanding was tricky, and still is. I think I've forgotten a lot of it this summer, too.

Yeah, school will be really nice to go home to. Home's fine, too, but tensions build, especially when I'm stuck there for the most part. You did an amazing job, btw, coming out to your mom. That was really brave. I can't really imagine a reaction to an "I'm bi" revelation in my household, even though they pretend to be liberal for the most part. I remember dad once making the statement that gays were gay because they were "oversexed," and hearing that I've gone to glam parties in makeup or Genderfuk usually gets an eyeroll.

I deferred a year because I was kind of dying; my back was collapsing and I was less and less able to breathe. So I had to have this crazy 14-hour back surgery that had a good chance of killing me, and we decided to give me six months after HS grad before I had it. I got to go to England and France the first summer; January through June are kind of a blur; and the second summer, when I had recovered, was this pre-college limbo full of parties and late night wandering. But it was one of the best summers of my life, for sure.

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