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"And put down some newspaper for those DAMN CHICKENS!" *click*
Sitting at my desk in Aptos right now. All the lowlands between here and the cliffs of Seascape are shrouded in fog and it looks all mystical and awesome, like Glastonbury. I'm drinking an Arizona on a coaster from 99 Bottles that has a pink elephant and advertises "Delirium tremens", which is a 9% beer. I've got books of Kerouac, Roethke, Gaiman, and Wolfe on my left and I'll write as soon as I finish this entry. In the book Valadi is employing his inscrutable tactic of alternating good humor and cryptic response, and Jahnu is trying as best he can to maintain some semblance of loyalty.

Thought I should update since the last entry was fresh off the broken-hip press. I'm doing a lot better psychologically - I'm starting to go out into the world again a little bit, and that tones down stir-craziness. Starting to look for an agent for the trilogy; I have to revise the first 3 chapters to accompany my query letters, but first I'm waiting on some Sanskrit translations. The hip is actually worse off than we thought; the whole socket is kind of punched into the pelvis, but not enough for surgery. It doesn't hurt too bad, though I'm not sure if that's me being stubborn or nerve damage from back surgery. Probably stubborn.

Mark came by Aptos last night - it's hardly further from his house than Los Altos - and shot the shit. That's always nostalgic. Navid came by the night before and Candy, who has never bitten at anyone in her 11 years of life, totally went for his face. It was awesome; she was silent and there was no warning. When I told Mark that Candy tried to bite someone he had a funny look on his face, and a second later he started bawling out laughter, saying, "How did I know this was gonna turn into a Navid story?"

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Good luck...they say finding an agent is the hardest part of the whole thing.

as far as marketing goes, that's probably true. a bad agent can go a long way toward screwing you completely, through their own ineptitude or prior reputation. then, too, once you DO land an agent, they take over a lot of the marketing duties for you.

i'm putting it off a bit, until i get those first few chapters polished up. hopefully i will do that over the course of week after next, since we will be traveling then up the coast to Oregon and i'll likely have nothing but a few books and a laptop with no internet.

There is a Sanyo blimp outside of my window right now.

i'm sorry you broke your hip. god, that sucks. but if it made you get a lot of writing done - i'd almost say that i wish i'd broken my hip too. haha. i can't wait to get some writing done myself.

you've never talked to me much about your trilogy. i love science fiction and am incredibly impressed. i saw in an earlier entry of yours that summarizing it would be rape, & i'm a feminist studies major: against rape. but i'd like to hear about it.

i'm living in terra next year. (:

I could talk about it, and would love to. But it would take a long time. (:

At some point over the next coupla weeks I'm going to have to write a summary for agents; Tom suggested a one-paragraph about book 1 (and admitted it would be "fuckin' hard") and then a page about the whole story arc. Maybe after that I'll be able to talk about it a little more succinctly. That's cool that you like scifi! I remember your first story had a lot of fantasy elements.

It's always tricky to fit writing in. When school starts, I'm going to try to set aside one night a week to work on it. You should join me! The presence of another person does a wonderful job of negating one's own inner excuses. I did this a couple of times last year and it seemed to work pretty well.

i would love to hang out with you one night a week to write. i can see it either really working or really not working: we'd have to make sure that we didn't spend it talking about writing or just talking about other things instead. (:

Hah, yeah. The couple of other times I've tried it there's been a pretty good balance of conversation and actual work. Although once one of my friends just started gaming silently on his computer, since he didn't want to let on that he was completely blocked that afternoon. He was concentrating so hard no one could tell the difference for about an hour.

is there a way i could read it?

When I rewrite the first 3 chapters I can send em to you, since I'm going to be sending them lots of places. Also you can check out some of Book 2 since that's more polished, and more indicative of my current writing style. You should come by and hang out!

Whenever you send them out, don't forget me! I'm definitely interested.

I checked out Aptos on a map. I wish it was closer to Palo Alto. I was going to suggest getting an SGS group to drive over to Aptos to see you, maybe have dinner or something. But it looks like it'll be a long drive each way. Might not be feasible... depends on just how long it takes, and how car-owners here feel about it. It would be nice to do it.

Oh, Aptos is actually where we all went for that big 40k battle over spring break. It's where my parents are going to retire to in a couple years, but for now we're still living in Los Altos, which is actually just 15 minutes from campus. I was only in Aptos for the weekend. It would be nice to have a visit from SGS folks - I am doing quite well now and we could order a big pizza and watch a movie or something. I could probably even manage going out to dinner but at this point my health is still a little variable.

From next weekend until the one after, we're doing a driving vacation up the coast, since I can still sit up in the car and such. Bur during this week I'll be around, and then after next week. Are you back at Stanford yet?

And yes, I will definitely send you a copy. :)

I've been here all summer, working for ResComp. (That's how I was able to attend/play the Final Resistance games.)

Awesome- glad to hear you're so close. I'll talk to people around here tonight and see if we might be able to visit some time this week. Peter and I work until 6:00, and I don't think anyone works any later than us. We might be able to get over there by 6:20 or 6:30.

Cool, sounds good! Wednesday night doesn't work, but I believe M,T,Th,F are all good.

also, wanted to show you two things;

1. NANOWRIMO (i'm gonna do it)
2. Christopher muthatruckin Walken

Those shrimp sound really fuckin good.

And NaNoWriMo is hardcore. If you're in the area when you're working on it, come to Stanford and we can work on our novels together. I don't know if you remember Bridger; he was in Pinewood a year ahead of us. Last year he gave NaNoWriMo a shot and did get a fair amount done (I think around 30 pages in, which isn't bad). Then he discovered his characters were really really wooden, which is I think due to his obsession with logical thinking...But you have a really strong creative spark (your poetry booklet for Dana and your paintings that were on display at the cafe were awesome) so I think something like NaNoWriMo is a good impetus for you to accomplish something really great.

i am in the area right now, but i have no idea where i am in november

What do you think you're going to write about?

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